14 Janeiro 2021

What is FREEYOU?

FREEYOU is an European project funded by the Call Media Literacy for All – DG Connect.

The project is aimed at spreading among youngsters, information and awareness to make them more conscious about:

• the veracity of information they get
• how people/companies could use their data
• potential attempts of manipulation hidden inside social media.
FREEYOU is aimed at designing, testing and spreading educational blended resources, making youngsters informed, aware, empowered.

We will experiment innovative format to make them aware about the risks of manipulation and misunderstanding while using social media and digital tools, to be informed and free to choose and decide, even in front of the insidious deep news.

With this aim we’ll design, develop and test an interactive educational package for introducing young students to 3 key concepts of the digital information landscape:
1) fact-checking (social media verification and source checking)
2) social media (memes and viral content circulation)
3) artificial intelligence (deepfakes and synthetic media)

The FREEYOU Programme will come from a consortium of 5 partners:
MEET – Milano, Italy
INOVA+ – Matosinhos, Portugal
CYENS – Nicosia, Cyprus
University of Thessaly – Volos, Greece
IDEA Municipality of Alzira – Alzira, Spain

The project will use the potential of the same social media – through social media broadcasting – to reach as many youngsters as possible and to make youths active and aware creators of media contents.

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