A blended educational format for media leteracy

Youths spend more than 4 hours a day on social media that inevitably affect their perceptions and behaviors. On the world wide web, sometimes there is a strong presence of manipulation, disinformation, or worse, the chance of falling into pitfalls such as sextortion or identity theft.
For this reason, the promotion of an aware use of social media is essential and in this, educational institutions can have and play a crucial and fundamental role.

How to recognize the truthfulness of an information, post, image or video? How to distinguish contents and identities produced by algorithms? Where do memes come from? How are our data used?

To these and other issues FREEYOU aims to answer: an innovative educational format dedicated to teachers, educators, organizations that work with youngsters.

This format can be used to organize workshops for youngsters, with a focus over the following themes:
1) Fact-checking (social media verification, video/pictures authentication, source checking)
2) News distribution and amplification (filter bubbles, algorithmic filtering, viral content circulation)
3) Artificial intelligence (deep fake, synthetic media, etc)

The Educational Format is developed through:
A FREEYOU platform where you can find didactic materials and interact with the international community of FREEYOU facilitators
– Training sessions for educators on how to organize workshops
– A guide on how to implement the workshop with students and the opportunity to get personalized support from FREEYOU experts

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